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Save The Needy Children In Uganda

What we do

We’ve worked on improving the lives of many young people through direct practice.

We plan and support amazing projects that help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people from across different regions of the world

Street out reach program

This includes feeding, bathing and washing of clothes of dirty homeless children.

Safe house/safe center for children

We rescue and rehabilitate children. Our safe house or centre is were children come for day to day activities such as soccer, net ball, church fellowship, feeding, shelter and medical care

Reintegration of children back into families

This involves social workers, children’s rights advocacy groups, religious leaders and the security organization like the police(family and child unity) 

We enroll children into school

This is to stress the importance of education among vulnerable children which in long term prepares them to go into job markets.

Drug use sensitization and prevention events

This events focus on supporting children and youth get off drug use or drug abuse.

We Strengthen

We believe that education, and employment gives people an inner strength to lead a better life.

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